How Do We Deal With a Self-Isolating China?

Isolation is dangerous but in the long run so is the failure to hold Beijing accountable for acts of aggression, large and small.

Trivializing Genocide: A Dangerous Distraction

The Polish government declared the 1943 killings of its citizens in Ukraine’s Volhynia genocide. The overreaching claim distracts the two countries from what they should be doing: securing closer ties.

Dear President of Angola: Your Soldiers Are Starving

Soldiers in Angola’s military are in a deteriorating state, deprived of a living wage and struggling to afford food and other basic essentials—a stark contrast to luxuries displayed by the generals.

Xi Jinping Purge of Military Brass Continues

Xi Jinping continues to purge political detractors in the People’s Liberation Army in his relentless quest to consolidate power. These sidelined officers may be waiting for Xi to falter before they strike back.