25 Years of Ukraine’s Independence

For the first time since Ukraine achieved independence in 1991, the country has an opportunity to break out of Russia’s orbit, and transform into a genuinely self-reliant and democratic state.

Mainstreaming: The People's Mujahadeen of Iran

Whatever the exiled People’s Mujahadeen of Iran were in the 1970s, today they are genuine moderates and liberals, and the West has taken notice. Hopefully the future leaders of the United States will too.

Karaganov Shows Pathology of Putin’s Realism

In a Der Spiegel interview, Vladimir Putin advisor Sergey Karaganov shows frightening misunderstandings of reality and reveals the extent of the Putin regime’s imperialism and paranoia.

China Defiant in Wake of Int'l Ruling on South China Sea

The Hague has strongly rebuked China’s claims in the South China Sea. In response, the rogue state has gone beyond rhetoric in its defiance.