China’s Coming Demographic Crash

China's new two-child policy is too late to avert a population crash, and for the first time in recorded history China won't be the world’s most populous country.

Is Sweden Warming Up to NATO?

Vladimir Putin’s aggressive behavior in the region is making the Swedish people rethink their traditional policy of nonalignment. Though change seems unlikely under Sweden’s current government, public opinion is starting to favor NATO membership.

Dying for the Donbas?

Every week Ukrainian soldiers are dying in the Donbas. Disengaging from this hopelessly corrupt region full of anti-Ukrainian sentiment makes smart national and geopolitical sense.

Kim Announces Vague Five-Year Economic Vitalization Plan

Kim Jong Un has announced a five-year economic plan to revive North Korea's economy. But his nuclear ambitions and lack of reform policies, resources, and foreign investment doom the prospects.