Putin Consolidates Power as Young Loyalists Enter Duma

Vladimir Putin's control of parliament has tightened with a cadre of younger loyalists replacing older ones, and big promotions for his chief domestic advisor and a pro-annexation prosecutor in Crimea.

China's Warplanes Stalk Japan, Unite Neighbors

Beijing has just sent 40 warplanes close to Japan's border. China's aggressive posture continues to unite its neighbors and it suggests the generals are running the show.

Balancing Act: The China-India-U.S. Triangle

The colliding and intersecting security and economic interests of Asia’s powers makes for a delicate dance of cooperation, coalition, and competition between China, India, and the United States.

From Kosovo to Oman

There are significant differences between the Muslim world and the West. One of the biggest is how secular the West has become and how religious Muslim societies have remained.